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“Our vet recommended Mollie when our Boston Terriers (ages 3.5 years and 6 months) started to fight, and by fight I mean blood drawing brawls. In desperation we called, but I must be honest and admit I was not hopeful. Mollie arrived within 24 hours and literally walked into a dog fight.

She was very calm, assessed the situation and told us she was confident the situation could be resolved. Still skeptical, we agreed to try trainingrather than rehome one of our family members.
Mollie had such a calming affect on all us and we quickly realized we needed more training than the dogs!

Mollie came to our home every three weeks with a lesson plan and left us with “homework” and goals. Soon we started to see progress and after 4 months, I am happy to say they are no longer fighting, starting to play and are rebuilding their trust.

We are so grateful for the skill and expertise Mollie offered. Scarlet and Wilma say thank you and we are thrilled that peace and harmony have been restored.

Mollie gave us all confidence and training we needed. I highly recommend her and we are so grateful!!”

-James, Joyce, Scarlet and Wilma

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to take this opportunity to THANK Mollie so much for all her help with our rescue dog, LUCY.  She began as a shy, frightened, destructive dog with high anxiety, and with Mollie’s expertise and assistance LUCY is a different dog; happy, and enjoying life as she well deserves. Thank you so much for everything!  We are so appreciative and grateful! “

-Valerie S. (Hilliard, OH)

“Mollie came at a time in our household where the level of stress and frustration was at an all time high crippled with a deep love for our two young puppies, Lola and Puck. We were extremely nervous about a “dog trainer” and the cost value we would be obtaining based on our online research. When Mollie walked in our home for the first meeting, we knew she was it. She walked in with a warm smile and a professional delivery that immediately took hold. She listened to what we aspired to achieve, took to heart our comfort levels with discipline and encouraged us every step of the way. The instruction was well developed, strategically planned and delivered  results. By the end of the process, we not only felt equipped as owners with tools to last a lifetime, but were able to accomplish every goal we outlined on Day One. To put icing on the cake, we even hear from Mollie now as she occasionally checks in on our family. If we had to do this again, we would not think twice.”

-Stephen & Ashley D. (Pickerington, Ohio)

“I never knew life with four dogs could be as structured and calm as it is now. Before we called Mollie at Buckeye Dog Training, we were living a life controlled by the dogs. They were fighting with each other, barking at neighbors, car doors and leaves softly blowing past the window. It seemed like everything we tried to do to regain control was pointless. So we called Mollie and she was a life saver. She trained us more than she trained the dogs, which is obviously the key to having well-behaved dogs. They no longer wreak havoc in our neighborhood and we can take them for walks without fear of being completely humiliated by their behavior. She helped us add structure and routine to the dogs daily lives and they can even do things like “sit” and “stay” which I assumed would never happen in their lifetime. Mollie was a joy to work with and the dogs were always happy to see her. I would recommend her to anyone who may be on the fence about hiring a dog trainer. Believe me, it’s worth it. Thanks Mollie!”

-Jess & Sarah

“Mollie was literally an answer to prayer as we came to a place where we ran out of answers for how to save our family Australian Shepherd, Gideon, from being put down due to aggression issues. For the most part, Gideon is a very loving family dog and knowing this side of him made the thought of losing him unbearable. After praying and doing an online search for some kind of dog trainer, we came across Buckeye Dog Training and Mollie.

From the start, Mollie was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have had many dogs in my life and was very impressed with her training practices and solutions for Gideon. We discovered that Gideon’s aggression was fear-based and not due to just being a mean dog. Based on that information, Mollie was able to steer us in the right direction with Gideon. It took consistency on our end along with Mollie’s course of action to produce the positive results we were hoping for with Gideon.

Today, Gideon has been given a second “leash” on life and we are absolutely pleased with his progress! Thank you Mollie!” – Gideon’s Family


Dog Training helps a Puggle overcome anxiety!Captain had a lot of anxiety inside the home before beginning training with Buckeye Dog Training. Most notably, he would “patrol” the TV room waiting for any animal to show up on the screen. When an animal did flicker across the screen, he’d bark and lunge like a madman! After just one session, here is what his owner had to say about his TV room behavior:

“He is much calmer. He hasn’t attacked the TV once!” – Melissa P.



Here is what I have to say about Buckeye Dog Training.

Overall, my goal to gain control of Wafer during walks was achieved.  She is no longer only aggressive towards other dogs.  I am no longer embarrassed by my dog’s bad behavior while others walk their calm and confident dogs by my crazy dog.  We have been able to get close to neighbors and their dogs and form friendships which was important to me having just moved into a new area of town.

While Wafer is no longer maintaining all of the behaviors she learned, I know I have the tools to re-establish them by following the outlined steps you provided.  Rather than feeling helpless and lacking the knowledge of just how to offer a positive approach to training without food, you have provided me with a loving and logical way to help Wafer know what she can and can not do.  I know that Wafer and I are much happier! Thank you Mollie!! -Nancy G.


Our dog Mitchell just finished in home training with Mollie and we would like to tell you how great she was with him. Mitchell wouldn’t go off our deck or up and down stairs he’s 95lbs and when people came in he wanted to greet them head on. Mollie was great with him and he now goes down our steps and goes up and down our stairs.  He’s a lot better when people come in. Mitchell loved seeing Mollie and he now does a lot of other things he didn’t do before. Just wanted to tell you how great she is. Good Job Mollie, Mitchell will miss you. -Peggy C.


My wife and I  have a female Belgian named Maya. We got her when she was just a puppy to join our family and knew that because of the type of dog she is we decide to have her trained a local chain operated dog training center. Once that training was finished we were not satisfied with how the training went, so we decided to check other dog training programs.

After talking to several dog trainers and not really finding one that seem to answer our questions good enough we contacted Buckeye Dog Training. Mollie seemed to know exactly what problems we were still having and what the dog seemed to need. So that’s when we decided to have Mollie Phythyon came to our house to talk to us and to see our dog Maya. We were very impressed with Mollie and the way she interacted with our dog. After Mollie described and explained the training program that we could expect, and the cost we decided to hire Buckeye Dog Training and have Mollie train our dog and help us understand our dog and what she needed to be the dog that she had the potential to be.

I am happy to report that because of the way Mollie trained our dog Maya. And the way she taught us to handle and to continue the training program. Maya has become a very good member of our family.

Mollie Phythyon is definitely a professional dog trainer. Her ability to handle dogs and understand them, And the instructions she gives the owner helps the owner to better understand the actions of the dog. And with that we are happy to recommend Molly and Buckeye Dog Training to anyone who wants to bring out the best in their dog and to make dog ownership a pleasure. -Mark G.


My girlfriend and I had a spazzy, neurotic, and stressed out dachshund/yorkie mix with a pretty severe case of separation anxiety, he would bite and tug when we left and whine all day until we came home. He was an absolute mess of anxiety and that is where Buckeye Dog Training came in and succeeded wildly. 

For our trainer we had Molly, who was beyond professional, showed up to all of our appointments on time and with her lessons prepared. She gave us clear, direct tips and taught exactly what we had to do to help our dog. Not only that but she was a sweetheart that legitimately cared about our dog’s well-being and mental state. 

For five lessons stretched over 4 months, we crate trained, leash trained, learned 6-8 new commands that help our dog understand what we expect of him. We completely broke him of his separation anxiety and now WILLINGLY goes into his crate before we leave for work. – Matthew E.


“Buckeye Dog Training was recommended by a friend who was having discipline problems with one of his dogs. I called and set an appointment to discuss strategy with the trainer. Mollie was prompt, courteous and friendly and she established an immediate rapport with Jake the Weasel. JtW and I have been together for over three years and he is the most loving little man at home; I could tell that in his previous home was either abused or at least unloved. JtW is a great companion with whom to sit and watch television with, however, he would go nuts upon encountering a squirrel, a real problem due to our proximity to Goodale Park. I could not consider letting him off-leash. He was also defensive in a dog park and needed a watchful eye. I told Mollie that I never expected that he would be off-leash, I just wanted my little man to be more obedient and co-operative.

Mollie started with come, sit stay and other similar commands and left us exercises until the next meeting. JtW was great with some, mediocre with others and he ignored what he did not like. Overall, he did very well. We practiced our lessons and not only did he catch on, but he grew willng to go through the lessons.The lessons became a bit more complicated and JtW picked up on most (what he wanted to do). Friends noticed the subtle changes in Jake and some commented. I was very pleased.

When he would come upon command, I tried him off-leash. He flew around the park chasing squirrel scent in circles and treed several of them. He never wandered so far that we could not see each other. When called, he would come and I would leash him for the walk home across the street.

I am ecstatic that my little man can run and play with the freedom of being off-leash. Mollie completed my dog experience with Jake the Weasel. I highly recommend Buckeye Dog Training; I have recommended to a friend whose dog is in training now with wonderful results.” – Wilbur I.


“I have had the pure pleasure of working with Molly at Buckeye Dog Training.  I called Molly after acquiring a new boxer puppy and I feared a lot of dog fights in my future with my 9 year old Boston Terrier Maggie.  Molly came to my home and taught me the right way to train Maggie.  How to show her that I am in charge and how to make sure that the dog fights are no more.  She has a kind heart, great sense of humor and she not only trains the dogs, she does a great job with the humans too. She helped me to understand the things that I needed to do to make sure that the aggression Maggie was showing with other dogs is a thing of the past.  Molly is a great trainer, who has the patience of Job!  I will be working with Molly with my Boxer puppy to make sure that life stays calm and that my home doesn’t go to the dogs!” – Cindy R.


Our puppy training program will start your puppy on the right paw, so they can be as good as Annie!My puppy Annie had her first training today with Mollie..I would be safe to say Mollie is a miracle worker…Annie is doing great..Thanks Mollie and buckeye training. Your the best !” -Dixie  S.