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Our dog was having serious anxiety issues around our newborn daughter, to the point where he wasn’t eating, drinking or sleeping. We called Buckeye Dog Training and within a few days of starting their program, our dog was already much more at ease. After about a month, he was back to his playful, energetic personality, and through continued training, has become a more obedient dog overall (and he loves our daughter, too). Mollie and Kat helped us through a very stressful situation, and we’re so glad we called them when we did!

Emily L.

My 100 lb German Shepard mix rescue was not able to get within 100 yds of another dog without barking and lunging. With the help of Buckeye Dog Training, he is now able to walk across the street from other dogs without barking and lunging. He’s come a long way. Walking is a lot less stressful now. Thank you, Buckeye Dog Training!

Josie M.

Would definitely recommend Buckeye Dogs to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, flexible, and reliable trainer! Buckeye Dogs works with you and your dog as a team to help you reach your goals.

Kathryn E.