GRRR…Do You Have an Aggressive Dog?



Buckeye Dog Training succeeds on a regular basis in working with dogs with aggression issues, and helping them resolve them. In fact, many of our clients come to us after working with at least one prior dog trainer, all of whom pronounce their dog “hopeless” telling them that the behavior can be managed, at best. They had all but given up hope… until they met us!

Our professional dog trainer is extremely confident in her ability to work with dogs experiencing aggression issues. Even dogs who are human aggressive with a bite history!  She works with dogs who suffer from:


  • Dog aggression
  • Human aggression
  • Child aggression
  • Territory aggression/barrier frustration
  • Maternal aggression
  • Sibling aggression
  • Food aggression/resource guarding

How do we approach a training program with a dog with aggression issues?

While many trainers take an approach that addresses the symptoms of the aggression, like growling, or biting, we instead address the causes of the problem. This is where we truly excel – our ability to target the underlying triggers and underlying causes of the aggressive behavior the key to our success!

The majority of aggressive dog behavior is the result of outside influences. Being careful to consider all possible influences, including the dog’s home environment, past experiences, and its relationship to its family, first we will perform a comprehensive behavior consultation before beginning training. Following this, we will thoroughly explain your dog’s aggression issues, their causes, and then will explain, in detail, a realistic training plan to resolve the problem behavior. We will address your dog’s behavior as a whole and takes all factors into account, so your training plan will address all issues your dog is having, even the non-aggression related ones.

You don’t have to live with your dog’s aggressive behavior in continuous apprehension, wondering when the next “incident” will occur. Call us at 614.347.9127, or fill out our contact form to talk with us about your situation. We’d love the opportunity to help!


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