Cribs and Canines – Dog Training for New Parents in Columbus! 

Here at Buckeye Dog Training, we take not only your dog seriously, but your entire family. Following a commitment-based training ideology, we want to make sure that your human and canine family find happy lifestyles where you all can thrive together.

For dog owners who are looking to become parents in the near future, there are natural questions on how your dog will handle the idea of a new baby in the home. Your dog’s lifestyle is based on your lifestyle, and with a new baby coming into the picture, your routines and priorities are probably going to be a lot different. Without the necessary communication and guidance, many dogs might not comprehend this major change, thus potentially causing anxiety and disconcerting behavior from the dog.


This is where Cribs and Canines comes into play. Our Columbus dog trainer will work with YOU to help acclimate your dog to the idea of a new baby in the home, bringing safety, harmony, and peace of mind into the household! Through Cribs and Canines, our trainer will utilize a reward-based training protocol that will focus on building your dog’s obedience and recall, eliminating any disobedience or distressful behavior.

We will cover the basics, instilling proper manners such as no nipping, no snatching, no counter surfing, no jumping, and CERTAINLY, no anxious or aggression driven behavior. But it’s not just the basics – we will go the extra mile to ensure your dog is equipped to handle the arrival of a new baby…before the little tyke is even born! All dogs in the Cribs and Canines program is set up for success at the get go, and will learn to be desensitized to specific scenarios for the baby, such as heeling along with the stroller, showing calm and respectful behavior when the owner’s attention is solely on the baby, and much more! Along with training the dog, you as the owner will learn how to create a consistent environment for your dog, and how to maintain it when the baby comes!

Cribs and Canines is not just for expecting parents, also! If you recently had a baby and are becoming more worried about how your dog is responding to this new family addition, give us a call as soon as possible, and we’ll set you and your family on the path to success and security! 


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