Why A Solid Recall Can Be a Life Saver For Your Dog

If you take a puppy class, or take puppy training lessons somewhere, you’ll get most of the basic commands like “Sit” and “Down” covered. You might even get a few cute tricks thrown in the package, like “Shake”, “Spin”, or “Roll Over”. Recall, or the “Come” command might be introduced, or totally disregarded, as it is a very difficult command to teach, especially for a young puppy. However, it doesn’t to introduce it, and progressively work on it as your dog matures and their focus builds.

Recall is a very important thing for a dog to possess, no matter how young or old they are.

Buckeye Dog Training Columbus Ohio knows recall training can save your dog's life. Most people want their dog to be able to come on command, with just a verbal cue, not through treat bribery or trickery (I had one former client whose dog would only come if they jingled their car keys, giving the idea that they were leaving and going for a ride).

Building solid recall can be a process, but it can be helpful and even life-saving for your dog.

I’ve gotten many clients over the year that want recall included in the in-home training package, even if there are more serious issues like anxiety or aggression occurring. Many of these clients are concerned about their dog getting into a potentially troublesome situation, and then being unable to bring them back and away from harm’s way.

I booked a client who called because their dog Rufio was both hyperactive and a brilliant escape artist. His recall inside the home or outside with light distractions around, was decent. However, when Rufio was hyper, excited, or chasing after a squirrel or car, it was impossible to call him back. The day he nearly got hit by a car after another escape incident was when I got the phone call to meet Rufio and his owner.

While your dog may not be life Rufio who puts himself in very risky situations, it is still good to be able to command your dog’s attention when you need it. You can help prevent a problem from developing in the first place. Your dog’s quick response to your command and recall can spare you stress or a vet bill, but this is a sign that your dog is not only obedient, but that they trust you and your leadership. If your dog chooses your command over chasing a cat or freely visiting every dog in your neighborhood, then your dog surely trusts you and that you know what is best for them.

Recall can be built over consistent work over time. If you need help working on your dog’s recall or any other behavioral problems, call us at 800-649-7297!