Training In The Real World

When searching for a professional dog trainer to help your dog overcome his/her’s behavioral issues, it is critical to find one that will train your dog in the real world. What do I mean by that exactly? As a professional dog trainer in Columbus, I believe that dogs need to be able to overcome their behavioral obstacles and demonstrate consistent obedience in any type of environment, whether it is in the comfort of the dog’s home, or on a busy street with people and leashed dogs walking around.

Columbus Dog Training Blog!As a reward-based dog trainer, I always approach training with the attitude of being least invasive and minimally aversive (also known as “the LIMA model” for many dog trainers). It doesn’t matter what kind of dog or what the issues are, I always aim to set the dog up for success. Typically in the beginning of training, putting a dog in a chaotic environment filled with distractions is the perfect way to set the dog up for FAILURE. That’s what so great about in-home dog training too: not only for convenience purposes, but your dog is able to start this new behavioral training regimen in his/her’s most comfortable and familiar atmosphere – in the house.

But when it comes to my Columbus dog training, while I do want to start off in the home, I don’t want to remain there forever. The dog needs to understand that the good habits and appropriate behaviors that they are learning from my training protocol is also carried outside the front door, and into the real world. Most dog owners can agree that the time that their dog’s concentration suffers the most is when they are DISTRACTED. Also, some of the most important moments where the dog SHOULD be listening (ie: not running into traffic, not chasing after a dog or a person on a bicycle, etc) is when there are distractions present, or things that could possibly put the dog or owner in a problematic situation.

With my dog training, I want to set your dog up for success, but I also want to ensure your dog’s reliability in any situation or environment. Whether you’re in your backyard, in a public park, sitting outside your favorite coffee shop with your dog, waiting in the lobby at the animal hospital, or just hanging out in your living room – your dog should be able to behave and follow your lead ANYWHERE. When hiring a dog trainer, make sure that distraction training is part of the curriculum, and that your dog will learn better behaviors through instances of desensitization and exposure to real-world triggers.

At Buckeye Dog Training, we cover all your bases, and we ALWAYS include distraction training that will make your dog trustworthy in any situation. If you and your pup need some of this real-world training, give us a call at 800-649-7297 to talk with us and schedule your initial in-home consultation!