How to Eliminate Excessive Barking

It’s a well-known fact that loud noises cause human beings stress. This is especially true of constant, unavoidable noise, like that which is found in a busy city or heavy traffic–or in a dog that barks excessively.

Columbus Dog Training Programs are designed to stop all behavior problems!Excessive barking can cause big problems for a dog’s owners. Neighbors may file noise complaints, visitors may feel put off, and the owner may feel constantly worn down from lack of sleep, struggling to make the dog stop, and simply not being able to hear above the din. Some people might simply say “Dogs bark.” But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When a dog barks excessively, there is usually an underlying cause. It is not normal for a dog to bark at every person, animal, or leaf that passes by their window. It’s not normal for a dog to bark at strangers or as a demand to be fed. It’s not normal for dogs to bark constantly while on the leash or when the owner leaves the home for the day. That’s why we call it excessive. Most of the time, this type of barking is due to anxiety or a protective instinct. If your dog feels threatened, overwhelmed, or anxious for any reason, it may manifest itself as this type of behavioral problem.

In order to fix this problem, we have to build your dog’s confidence and take the pressure to protect the pack/household off of his shoulders. Through my in-home training program, we will work to put you in a position of leadership. This will help your dog in several ways: to help him/her feel confident in you, take the weight of protecting the household off his shoulders, and clearly define his place within the household.

Dogs are pack animals, and as such they require structure. Offering this, using several proven in-home training techniques, will help excessive barkers feel at ease. You’ll soon find that the noise tapers off and your home life becomes more relaxed, while your relationship with your dog (and your neighbors!) becomes more pleasant.

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